A winning brand

Ten years have already passed since Giuliano exported from American the first stallions with € Brand, financially supported by his family farm Le Pasture. Bloodlines introduced for the first time into the Italian market, were completely innovative: a really bet!  But the results collected over time have greatly rewarded all the many efforts made by Giuliano’s family.

Equitech’s  horses  have rather well satisfied  the European customers and they have always been highly sought for their quality: speed, power, reliability .

Consequently, today Euro brand is a winning  brand.



Racing with an ‘Euro horse’  it means embrace the success of an Italian stable that over the years has always seen his quarter horses – specimens of the best bloodlines – running to the top of the charts.

For these reasons in Italy and  Europe the brand has always been highly valued and also sought in the clothing and saddlery equipment.

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