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A brief overview

Equitech International by  Giuliano Giughera is located in Cercenasco (Turin) on the  Cottian Alps’ lower slopes, northern Italy. Here you can find  his quarter horse breeding farm (mostly known for the brand ‘€’),  the family run-farm ‘Le Pasture’ and  Bed & Breakfast ‘Le Soleil

Thanks to a long experience today Equitech International is able to offer  its customers every kind of service  that you can find out in   “Services for Equestrian Centers”. But if  you like horse speed races, we are pleased to remind you that the Equitech International is an historic Italian Barrel Racing horse stable which has over time established itself as one of the best and now it can boasts a rich list of activities: you can discover them exploring  links ‘Stallion Station’ and ‘Albo’.

Seize the opportunity offered by the Equitech! Just fill out the form in home page to get a free quotation for any services,  to know the price of  our equipment,  and much more…We can also arrange free inspections for equestrian centers. Everything guaranteed by our experience!

One last thing…

We want to provide a proper information service and protect any business relationship with our Italian and foreign customers, for these reasons we kindly remind you that the one and only representative for Equitech International is Mr.Giuliano Giughera, so please don’t take into consideration anyone else that may contact you inappropriately using our Company’s name.

Thanks for your attention,  now we  just have to let you discover Equitech International’s word: enjoy!



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Giuliano Giughera

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