First experience in Italy

Giuliano Giughera was born in 1975 in Piedmont, Italy.

He grew up on a family run farm actually named  Le Pasture, where he gained his multifaceted work experience. Over the years Le Pasture provided services in many areas: planting, cattle and horses breeding, processing of agricultural lands using professional equipment, preparing golf and football fields, roads leveling, posing sheds, rods and fences, and forestry works.

In the meantime he also attended training courses  in Italy and abroad  (also at ‘ CLAAS’ in Germany) to learn the use of special machines seizing opportunity to know and cooperate with many Companies  through which he has carried out interesting experiments about the compactness of the ground and about  chemical reactions that might take place humidifying more or less a soil, what it happens changing  a composition’s mixture, particularly studying the load for the laying of paving, the tightness, the settling, etc.

By time Giuliano has become a specialist in the preparation of pastures and grounds for cattle and horses breeding and simply following this passion his skills extended until he approached to the sport sector  becoming quickly a very well-known soil consultant also for riding surfaces.

Thanks to his family –run farm Giuliano has also learned the first knowledge about  bull genetics, and he had a chance  to personally meet some of the most famous veterinarians through which he increased his culture:  he will feel very soon the desire to deepen genetics knowledge also in equestrian field, so he started to study the basic rules about intersections on bloodlines and the various Italian and foreigners methodologies.


His life in America

In 1999 Giuliano moved to the States where he lived for 6 years.

In his first American experience (others will follow..) he knows very well the work on ranches. At first he  worked for ‘PAGE FARMS’ di John Page in Alvin (Texas) where he was in charge for  trucks and trailers’ sale, foals training, semen collection from stallion for insemination of the mares, and more.. With Mr. Page Giuliano was used to go every year to the  ‘Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo’. During one of his stays there, he also had the pleasure to meet  two American Barrel Racing icons - Martha Josey and Sharon Camarillo - (both breeders and athletes) and he exchanged with them many ideas and points of view about Barrel Racing industry and horse breeding.

Giuliano has also often  traveled to Las Vegas to watch Rodeos, and once he was very excited to know Tommie Key Fischer, other American Barrel champion. After their meeting he went several times to visit her Ranch in Texas where they were used to have deep and pleasant conversations about various types of training and approach to barrels.

Closed the chapter at the Page Farms Giuliano moved to Madisonville to work in the 'BIG T RANCH',  where in addition to the usual tasks  he dedicated his time to practice Team Roping assisting Justin Davis (2013 world champion in Las Vegas) and his father Tommy in training their horses.

Unfortunately due to a serious riding accident he had to move back to Italy …but here, after recovery,  he won the Italian Open Barrel Racing Championship gaining qualification for the American finals: back again in America (Oklahoma) he placed 4th in 2D in the IBRA World Championships Open in Ardmore, very special and unusual achievement for an Italian rider!

Another interesting experience during his stay in the States, is when he worked in a quarantine facility based in Valley View, learning other interesting things about regulations and equine epidemiology,  all very useful for his craft.


In partnership with Jud Little Ranch: new bloodlines coming in Italy

Two thousand and six has been an extremely important year for Giuliano.

He in fact started his partnership with Jud Little, owner of the famous JUD LITTLE RANCH in Ardmore:  he got the exclusive for  sale his horses in Italy and Europe.

These were some of most famous imported horses: Cashin to the Max, Cashin All night, Fire Water Rocket, Cashin Wonder, Hot Shot of Gin.

So, through his parents’ farm  ‘Le Pasture’, Giuliano introduced in Europe innovative  bloodlines which would have soon conquered the top of the Barrel Racing charts in Italy.
Jud Little also was Giuliano’s special guest in Italy in 2007 and today anyone visit his office in Ardmore would definitely notice a frame with a picture of them smiling together.
Giuliano will always be grateful to him also because of his genial advise to buy  Fire Water Fast, one of the best stallions exported to Italy: a really incredible horse, inborn winner, who gave great prestige and excellent foals to Equitech stable.  In 2008 the union with a barrel American rider allows them to learn from each other’s equestrian culture and gave her the chance to get an important visibility  in European equestrian market.

Spending so many years in various States (Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri and Mississippi) Giuliano had a direct contact with the American equestrian culture learning really many things about its various aspects: all that, combined with the rich professional experience acquired working for his family-run farm, allowed him to become a specialist in:

  • Equestrian competition ground and surfaces
  • Barrel Racing - techniques for training horses and approach to the barrels
  • Trailers and Trucks -types and features
  • Insemination of mares – semen collection, storage, and shipping
  • Barrel horses bloodlines – genetic strengths and weaknesses


A “360 degrees” Trainer : Giuliano Giughera’s clinic in Italy and Europe

Giuliano has always enjoyed organizing clinics in Italy and Europe to spread around the American Barrel Racing techniques and everything he learned in the States. Topics covered during his meetings may be extremely various and concern mouths, bloodlines,  veterinary and chiropractic basics, food for horses, etc.. His students have always been very pleased to discover new original concepts from the States. His trainer activity has earned him great satisfaction: among his customers there have been young athletes who have conquered excellent results in European race circuits like Sophia Gentile, (go to the news link) Giuseppe Iaconis, Lorenzo di Palma, Federica di Feo, Regina Dorney.

All these activities have been  even more integrated by constant training  with famous horse riding Instructors and attending official courses of the most important Italian Equestrian Federations.  Giuliano in fact has achieved some very great titles:  Third Level Barrel Racing and Pole Bending Instructor (highest level), Federal Teacher (achieved in 2015), and Federal Judge.

Today he is very engaged in several activities of E.I.: for discover them  invite you to visit our web site.





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