‘Le Pasture’ farm has a long history: the oldest traceable memory about its first activitiy dates back to the beginning of the 19th century’, at the time when the Giughera’s great-grandparents were already owners of plots of land in Piedmont that they mainly employed  for  beef cattle’s breeding . This activity has been handed down to their descendants who have always been very committed to increase agriculture and breeding. Not long after the farm’s activities were integrated with other, such as for example the forestry working and the planting of poplar for paper’s production, and the meantime it expanded its work filed also specializing in shackles’ extraction. In the early 70’s the family farm had a further development  when in addition to beef cows also dairy cows were introduced, importing the cattle from Holland. Simultaneously the farm carried out a meticulous work in the genetic field after which Giuliano and his family started with processing of imported bulls’ frozen semen from the States. Within a few years domestic production experienced an huge growth, but unfortunately due to some Italian market problems  Giughera’s family had to choose to remove dairy cows breeding from their activities. Over the years the farm,  always attentive to the market’s changes and ready to meet new needs, bought specific equipment such as combine harvesters, mulchers, laser systems, and it started using them in a very innovative and pioneering way for the land’s processing. 

Later, thanks to this new specialized equipment,  the farm extended his services to the leveling of road surfaces, large squares, golf fields, football fields, etc... The farm had the opportunity to work with other companies through which it could gain a very thorough experience about mixtures, compositions, load for the laying of paving, sealing and bedding, foot traffic, etc. These studies were later also used and applied for the preparation of pastures for the breeding of horses and cattle.


Currently Le Pasture Farm, located in a beautiful valley at the foot of Monviso, represent one of the various family Giughera’s activities:  they deal  mainly with the beef cattle’s breeding, the cultivating and harvesting grain, forestry works, feed manufacturing, bed and breakfast ‘Le Soleil’ managing (very appreciated in Italy and abroad), at last the breeding of  imported quarter horses  by Giuliano and the breeding of morphology Arabians horses  by his brother.








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