As we already mentioned elsewhere the main gol of Equitech International is to build a bridge between Italy and the States, and a clinic is probably the best way to spread the American culture of the Barrel Racing throughout the Europe.

Thanks to these meetings Giuliano is pleased to teach his students the American techniques of training and approach to the barrels,  over a wide range of knowledge about the mouths, the blood lines, the veterinary notions and chiropractic, nutrition, etc. learned when he was there, working on ranches.

Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, France….many cities in Europe have already hosted clinics.

In Italy  Giuliano has earned great satisfaction through his  trainer activities, what is more he is very proud for having initiated to their life as athletes  very young riders who later achieved important goals  reaching  the top of the charts in Italian and European Barrel Racing circuits.  Just to mention a few: Sophia Gentle, Giuseppe Iaconis, Lorenzo di Palma, Federica di Feo, Regina Dorney,  and others.

During his clinic Giuliano knows his student are always very eager to quickly learn the American methods of approach to the barrels and poles but …he has always first highlighted the importance of an appropriate basic riding.

For these reasons since beginning  he has always been taking care of its professional training,  since very young  he won the Italian Championship Barrel Racing gaining access to the American finals, until he got the highest level of specialization achieving very important qualifications  like the Third level Instructor of Barrel Racing and Pole Bending (the highest level) and the Federal Teacher Riding degree achieved in 2015.
He always studied with most important teachers who also allowed him to blend together the traditional equestrian technique with the American learned abroad.

Today if you wish you can easily book a clinic  in Equitech’s headquarters (Piedmont), or at your riding center. Clinic are open for  individual or group work.

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