Harrows provided by Equitech International are exported from the States thanks to partnerships between Giuliano and some suppliers he contacted when he was working there.
During his experience in America , in fact, Giuliano had the chance to try many different types of equipment, more or less useful, depending on the treated ground.
Harrows supplied by Equitech represent the only type that is able to break the ground up to 20 cm deep  and re-compact it at the same time.
These type of harrows are not offered by the Italian market. These machines are imported and assembled in Italy and can be equipped upon request of laser or water system for the humidification of the ground

Equitech International also provides repair service, maintenance, and replacement of teeth and blades.

Timer Polaris imported by Equitech are provided  to our customers already to plug them in according to any national standards (i.e. 220 v for Italy or 110 v for USA)

The bases provided are laid down in various rule book of equestrian discipline: not only Pole Bending, but also Gimkana, and MDLV.
Compared to alternative or improvised homemade models, these bases are equipped with a plastic holder (pole) much more stable, therefore they are safer during the slalom of the riders. 
Furthermore it’s very important that the pole bending bases are Association/Federation approved in order to be used in official competitions.



Flexible, portable, durable: a lightweight barrel model in canvas with a plastic core. You can fold it, place in custody, and move wherever you need with easily.
This model is very easy to set up..Ideal for training, practice, and travelling.

Retractable models with a plastic base and an internal spring: when the horse hurts it, it bends back on itself.
Models in lightweight drape, ideal for practices and traveling: you won’t have to waste your time to set up barrels in arena anymore!

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